No Earthlings

by Broken Bow

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released June 27, 2014

Cover Art by Shepard Spiegel



all rights reserved


Broken Bow Fort Collins, Colorado


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Track Name: Scraps
indoctrined insignificance eats at your mortal soul
diligence and duty freedom dies it takes its toll
the noose around your neck will tighten, death will strengthen hold
for years the flesh that was your heart has slowly turned to coal

and you say you get paid
you're a slave to the wage
surviving off the peanuts that get tossed inside your cage
say you get paid
you're a slave to the wage
just seek your crown of shame the madness slowly turns to rage

the blood the sweat and tears collect inside a little cup
you can't go back the clock ticks on the years you've given up
what i wouldn't give just to have another day at work
you sigh and rest, fall into death, you've finally out of luck

a cog inside an iron lung whose gears they have been jammed
by feeding fingers to a starving dog right from the masters hand
a glutton for envy, your life has been bought
your slaves have been caught, just leave us to rot
Track Name: Old Kentucky Breakdown
OLD kentucky Breakdown
well i drink down the whiskey let the smoke bite my lungs
with a ratchet in my soul and from their fingers and their tongues
we will never stick together with a wrench inside my heart
we're behind where we were from the start

and I will never understand why they long to use those hands
with a clock ticking foreward pointing to the promised lands
a ticker tape parade, a forty piece band
the stocks they might crash but the weak they still stand

and here's farewell to old Kentucky
it's farewell to old Colorado
I'm going where the wind ain't blowin
I'm going where that old north wind don't blow

so i jump into the well just to spite the water
now the whiskey is poisoned, we should have fought harder
but my hindsight is blind, my foresight is blurry
I hope the four horsemen come on down with all of heavens fury

but that apathy slowly seeps into my heart
we're behind where we were
where we were from the start

now i wander round the country with my pockets full of sand
I'll tear down the wall when I'm dealt the right hand
but united we fall, divided we stand
she can't tell the difference between her friends and her fans

but lady liberty is waving a white flag
so put all of your belongings in a black plastic trash bag
and walk into the sunset
fall off the edge of the earth
Track Name: No Earthlings
No Earthlings
well little did I know at the end of this road
the only way out was through a broken door
take your cards as they come, let chips fall
this life is a gamble so heed the last call
find myself again at the foot of this bed
visions of demons dance around in my head
the ugly truth is I'm not dead
we're just dying

but I can't see past the clouds at night
helpless birds robbed of their flight
people are praying
false gods will delight
for no answers no reasons
no end is in sight

a little bit of sleep will go a long way
if you see your blood it will break your day
unwind my mind claw at my face
and help me end this human race

no answers
no reasons
no earthlings
no seasons

but i can't see past my eyes at night
helpless birds robbed of their flight
people are praying
no end is in sight
for no answers

no earthlings
no season to die
Track Name: Corpus Deorum
Corpus Deorum

blood from the sigil
born from the vessel
barren with frost
the carcass of god
hail Satan

chemical feelings
mechanical winds
our sutured frustrations
our removable limbs

existent survival
survival a grid
take an axe to the axis
or keep yourself feed

decaying mother
ignorant kin
feed any addiction
you find yourself in
before tomorrow
but after today
solve it all with a bullet
and learn to decay
Track Name: On This Road
A cantankerous, cancerous lifeblood of black
rotting holes in our lungs and tearing our backs
with products and sawdust and raw meat and blackend lungs
that cling to the air amidst fire and ash

let me take you and have you
but don't let me love you
cuz loving is wise and im not but a fool
let me kill you and thrill you but don't let me take your life
on this road

well im sickened by fear surrounded by good cheer
by forests of torment where nothing is clear
but this shattered remnant of harmony
on this road
Track Name: Digitize the Dirt
There's a tourniquet around your neck to quench a bloody mind
let's drag our bodies to the woods and leave this filthy world behind
for shame the world, accursed world for shame
to play the game that points the blame to anyone but me

but me, but me, but me
we'll point it at anyone but me
what about you, its so fucking true
but me

so let's mine the moon
let's put a colony on mars
let's kill the green in all the world
and snuff out all the stars

cuz there's candlelight at dinner in an alley
there's fire burning all over this town
when this is over we will throw a party or a war
go to the city and burn it fucking down

so let's digitize the dirt
and chastise the sky
lets hollow out the planet earth
and leave the rest to die
Track Name: Sleep
well I can't go anywhere
without seeing anyone
their eyes reflect the streetlights in the shadows
so i run on home
where i try to be alone
but their eyes reflect the lamplight in my dreams

well I'll take my ritalin
if you take your xanax
we're all self destructing
aint no need to panic
so lets all float away
in this chemical haze
Track Name: The Blight
a blazing pentagram pattern across the northern sky
the blood moon is rising demon spirit running high
I can't help fight the feeling that my time has come to die
so join in on the din (sacrifice) raise your bottles high

test the walls of reality it's practice come to light
the festering significance will call you to the fight
so chain yourself to the ground an drown out all the light
to flicker, snicker, quiver, shiver, give in to the blight

so sacrifice yourself to the stones on the ground
blood released from your veins, it spills upon the mound
your pale face gives in to the force to choke
secure the bonds and ease in to the hands around your throat

savor the unholy light
pallor, the feeling of fright
immerse in the darkness of night
fall into the force of the blight

I can't find any escape from this prison my life spirals
quickly oblivion sick in my sights
toward agony, apathy, and if I plan it right
death in the end is my only release
Track Name: Lights
when the lights go down in the city
just know they did not shine for me
just the moonlight on the water and the dew upon the leaves
not oil in a puddle or broken glass litters the streets

cuz im running out of town
meanwhile im running out on time
maybe one of these days I'll make it, if I dont I'll surely die
but when my time has come, I will know, I've heard the angels cry

so lets let the ashes of our time fall slowly 'till the wind can blow them away
cuz there ain't much left in this town that can still convince me to stay
we're just creating and destroying, the fate with which we're molding fades away
but in the end, i'm just happy to survive another day